Jerome Robbins' NY Export: Opus Jazz the Film


Henry Joost ,

Born in Frankfurt, Germany, Henry spent his childhood traveling the world with his father, who is an international banker, and his mother, who is a photographer. Henry always had a camera around his neck, even when the camera was bigger than his head. In 1999 he moved to New York City for the second time, where he is working again with cameras much bigger than his head. Henry is an Emmy award-winning director who has helmed commercials, documentaries, and television programs for such varied clients as American Express, Nike, Harvard Business School, The National Scrabble Association, and Toyota Scion. His work has been shown on national television, in the Museum of Modern Art, and Anthology Film Archives. He studied for a little while at Columbia University and met Werner Herzog outside the Film Forum earlier this year. Henry founded the production company Supermarch√©, Inc. with his dear friend and business partner Ariel Schulman, with whom he co-directed Catfish (Sundance ’10). He is still an avid traveler and owns many beautiful cameras, film and still. He loves shooting portraits of his friends and is really good about emailing them back to you.

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